What types of files can SWMirror host?
SWMirror is a file download service so HTML and other web page files are not supported. Supported file formats include any binary format like executables (for any platform), DLLs, archives, images, movies and music files.
Are there file size limits?
There is no limit on the number of files you can store but each file has to be between 100 kilobytes and 75 megabytes in size. Larger file sizes can be supported - contact us if you need to host larger files.
How does SWMirror charge customers?
SWMirror only charges for what is actually sent by tracking recording the entire transfer. That means that if the user stops the transfer half-way through you are only charged for the data that was actually sent.
What reports are available from within SWMirror?
In addition to summary reports and daily bandwidth reports that let you know what files have been downloaded there is a full web statistics package available (Webalizer).
Will SWMirror automatically download new versions of my files?
Yes! If you add a file to SWMirror by transferring it from another web host SWMirror can watch the URL you specified and automatically download any new version of the file. If the file is removed from your server the copy is not removed from SWMirror.
What forms of "protected" links does SWMirror support?
In addition to direct linking (http://example.swmirror.com/yourfile.exe), SWMirror supports dynamic links with a variety of protection options :

  1. Password protection
  2. Download limit protection (the link can only be used X times)
  3. Date expiring links (the link won't work after a specified date)
  4. Combination protection - all of the protection features can be used together so you could, for instance, set a password on a link that can only be downloaded X times and expired on a specific date.
How fast is SWMirror?
Test it!

Download a 2 Megabyte File from SWMirror
Download a 10 Megabyte File from SWMirror